(AT)       TIME:                                    at noon, night, midnight, 3 o'clock
              ADDRESS:                            at 1234 Copacabana Ave.
              PLACES:                                at school, home, offic .

(ON)     SURFACE CONTACT:          on the table, bed, desk.
             STREETS:                               on Rio Bronco Av., on the corner.
             DAYS OF THE WEEK:          on Monday, etc., on the weekend.
              DATES:                                   on May 1, 1979.
             HOLIDAYS:                            on Christmas.
                 TRANSPORTATION:         on the bus, phone, train.

(IN)      INSIDE:                                     in the desk, in my pocket, in the room.
             MONTHS OF THE YEAR:      in January, etc.
             YEARS:                                     in 1979, in the morning, afternoon, evening.
            SEASONS:                                 in the summer, etc.
             CITIES, COUNTRIES:             in Rio, in Brazil.
            NEIGHBORHOODS:              in Leblon.
                TRANSPORTATION:           in the car.

(FOR)   ON BEHALF OF:                     Joe signed the contract for them.
             BECAUSE OF:                         The thief ran for fear of being caught.
             COST:                                       He sold his car for $5.000.
             PURPOSE, REASON:
                 INTENTION:                        The man brought a present for his wife.
              PERIOD OF TIME:                 They studied English for 4 months.

(OF)     POSSESSION:                         The leg of the chair; friend of mine.
             ABOUT:                                   Old people like to talk of their childhood.
             COMPOSED:                          It's made of gold.

(BY)      PASSIVE VOICE:                  This book was written by me.
             DEADLINE:                           Your homework must be done by Friday.
             PASS:                                        I went by your home last night.
             VIA::                                         Would you rather go by bus or by subway.

                                                    Make (56)

make do                         make a decision                        make a plane
make trouble                   make a request                         make room for
make peace                    make an attempt                       make progress
make war                       make hay while the sun shines    make time
make love                       make a bed                               make up your mind
make a (phone) call         make a fire                               on the make
make a copy                   make a bet                               clothes make the man
make friends                   make book
make money                   make a date                              make away with
make interest                  make an appointment                make back
make a loan                    make an agreement                   make off with
make sense                     make interesting                        make out
make faces                     make good                                make over
make eyes at                   make public                              make up

                                                         Do (56)

do your best                             do the vacuuming                      do or die
do your worst                           do the cooking                         do a drawing
do what's needed                      do the shopping                       do a portrait
do homework                           do the cleaning                         do a painting
do an assignment                       do the laundry                         do the artwork
do an exercise                           do the chores                          do the editing
do time                                     do housework                         do away with
do a job                                    do rounds                               do in
do a favor                                 do the driving                          do up
do some one out of something   do evil                                     do over
do the dishes                             do good                                  do out of
do the ironing                            do the right thing                      do unto