Ampersand Communications is a diversified public-relations, marketing-communications, and newsfeatures-syndication firm based in the Coconut Grove section of Miami, Florida.

Its public-relations and marketing-communications services include planning and counsel, and program execution through research, writing, preparation of printed materials, media relations, video scriptwriting, Web-site design and maintenance, personal contacts, etc.

For more than three decades, the firm’s principals – George Leposky, editor; and Rosalie E. Leposky, managing partner and Webmistress – have assisted a wide variety of clients, ranging from small local concerns to prominent firms and institutions with a regional, national, and even international presence.

Many of Ampersand Communications’ clients concentrate their efforts in specialized technical disciplines such as architecture and engineering, in medicine and health care, in urban planning and community organization, and in the hospitality and vacation-ownership sectors of the leisure-lodging industry – fields in which George and Rosalie Leposky have specific communications experience and expertise. Strategic alliances with other professionals enable Ampersand Communications to offer its clients whatever promotional resources a given project or situation may require.

Ampersand Communications’ newsfeatures syndicate specializes in book reviews, business, the environment, food, home improvements and maintenance, medicine and health, pet news, senior lifestyles, and travel. This business supplies feature material to print media and Web-based distribution channels. Separately, it provides original content for Examiner.com, an online news service.  George Leposky is the Miami Travel Examiner. Rosalie E.Leposky is the Miami Food and Drink Examiner.


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