Timeshare Industry Profiles


Clayton A. Barnes

Carl G. Berry

Michael J. Butler
Donita M. Cilch
Jon H. DeHaan
Paul G. Flory
Sheldon H. Ginsburg & Perry J. Snyderman (Part 1)
Sheldon H. Ginsburg & Perry J. Snyderman (Part 2)
William B. Ingersoll & Stuart M. Bloch
C. Wayne Kinser (1934 -August 31, 2003)
Milton G. Kuolt, II
Harry E. McCoy II.



Stephany A. Madsen
Lewis C. "Lew" Matusow
Hillel A. "Hillie" Meyers
Robert A. Miller & Edwin H. McMullen Sr
William F. Peare
Mario F. Rodriguez  (January 10, 1945 - March 25, 2003) and Thomas J. Davis, Jr. (July 4, 1938 - January 11, 2002)
John J. Russell Jr. (Part 1)
John J. Russell Jr. (Part 2)
Gary A. Terry
James M. Watkins
In Memoriam -  Mario F. Rodriguez
Ampersand Communications
July 10, 2003

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