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Coping With Refuse-Container Anarchy One size may or may not fit all. By George Leposky.  September 2008

Transfer Trailers: Being Good Neighbors
Like the comedian Rodney Dangerfield, transfer trailers "don't get no respect." By George Leposky (January/February 2008
Vol 18, No 1 )

Getting the Garbage Out
When it comes to emptying a transfer trailer, what’s the best way? By George Leposky (May/June 2007 Vol 17, No 4)

Getting Specifications Right
When it comes to figuring out the specs for collection trucks, beware of the mumbo-jumbo. By George Leposky (March/April 2007 Vol 17, No 2)

Specification Demystification
The specifications for refuse-collection trucks can make for incongruous "recipes" at times. By George Leposky (January/February 2007 Vol 17, No 1)

Gnarly Solutions for Gnarly Materials
Ask the experts about the future of greenwaste technology. You’ll get a variety of answers.  By George Leposky (September/October 2006 Vol 16, No 6)

MRF Upgrades: A Tale of Three Cities
An aging materials-recycling facility is like an aging car. It may cost more to run and to repair, may not perform as well, and may look old (which could become an issue with the neighbors) By George Leposky (September/October 2005 Vol 15, No 6)

Practical Advice for Hauling Heavy Equipment
Just as piloting an ocean-going cargo ship differs from paddling a canoe, so driving a tractor-trailer rig to haul a massive bulldozer or excavator differs from driving the family car.
 By George Leposky (September/October 2005 Vol 15, No 6)

A Smorgasbord of Recycling Equipment Choices
Decisions, decisions! What’s a municipal solid waste manager to do with recyclables?
By George Leposky (July/August 2005 Vol 15, No 5)

Solid Waste Accessories
A small, secretive world with stiff competition By Rosalie E. Leposky (May - June 2005 Vol 15, No 3 )

Spare the Tires and Brakes, Spoil the Chassis  By George Leposky (November/December 2004 Vol 14, No 7 )


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