From: The Miami Entertainment Industry Incubator -  June 6, 2001

       We wanted to share a success story with you regarding one of our last 
       Year's "Collaboration...A Film Contest" participants. Her name is 
       Marjory Leposky and her company is called Chatterbox Productions. 
       (Need I say more? She has more energy than anyone I have ever met 
       And her determination is to be applauded).

      At our monthly Incubator breakfasts last year, we had been mentioning the 
      Short film contest and encouraging everyone in the biz to enter this 
      Amazing event. Considering this was our third year, most of our network 
      knew about the competition. Our newcomers, however, were always eager to 
      hear the details. At the time, Marjory was interested in making "producer" 
      her profession of choice, but she seemed extremely hesitant about entering 
      due to her lack of experience, funds and time.

      Casting aside her fears, the Incubator staff placed a still recalcitrant 
      Marjory in a producer position. Before entering the contest she'd have 
      been willing to be an assistant or perhaps intern on a crew. Even though 
      she didn't feel confident; we knew she had the capacity and courage to take 
      on this challenge.

     During the thirty-day film shoot, there were many issues that she had to 
     deal with, including cast and crew differences, permit requests, and the 
     like. But all along she was learning more than any production class could 
     ever teach and she was definitely having a blast calling the shots.

     I still remember her face when she submitted the final product. Marjory was 
     proud, excited, and very confident that her team's film would be among the 
     top 15 chosen by our panel of experts. Well this was not to be the case.

     Fast-forward to April 4th, 2001... at our monthly breakfast meeting. 
     Marjory came across a flier about "A Pure Film" contest sponsored 
     by Sauza Tequila. The date of the deadline had passed but she made a few 
     calls regardless and was informed that she could still be eligible.

     She filled out the entry form and sent in her "Collaboration..." five 
     minute film. A few weeks later she was chosen as the finalist from all the 
     Florida entries. There was an all-expense paid trip to NYC to learn the 
     details. Marjory, was now a "famous" Miami producer. 

     Through her contacts made at our monthly breakfasts, she found a professional
     match in director Alyn Darnay, a Miami Filmmaker with Chaos Films.

    For the past few weeks, they have been filming all over South Florida's 
    numerous nightclubs. The whole project seems extremely hush hush and many 
   of the details are unknown. However, you can check out the contest website 
   at and view all the finalists from all over the country. 
   You can even vote for Miami's own: Marjory and Alan.

   So I recently asked Marjory if she was pleased that she'd entered the short 
   film competition last year (despite her lack of time and money). You can 
   only imagine how grateful and excited she truly is about her current 
   producer status. We are very proud of Marjory and Alyn. Please share your 
   support and thoughts with them. Kudos to both; we hope their wildest 
   dreams come true!

    Meagan Pava
    Program Director
    The Entertainment Industry Incubator, Inc.
    Voice 305-672-9297, Fax 305-672-0177


Chatterbox Productions, Inc.

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