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                                                          Miami Filmmakers Shoot To Win

            MIAMI, Florida  ó  How do Andres, Eric, Nicole, Yani, and a dozen other upscale young professional men and women from diverse backgrounds find happiness amidst the flashing lights and tropical rhythms of Miamiís vibrant multi-cultural, multi-ethnic club scene?

The answer will be revealed in The Miami Chronicles / a Stay Pure film, Miamiís entry in the Pure Film Experience, a contest sponsored by the Independent Film Channel, Sauza Tequila, Sony, and Travelocity Magazine to encourage the creation of independent film by emerging filmmakers. 

Marjory E. Leposky of Chatterbox Productions, Inc., in Miamiís Coconut Grove section is producing The Miami Chronicles.  To direct, Leposky tapped Miami Beach filmmaker Alyn Darnay, a director with Chaos Films - Miami.

Using Sonyís newest state-of-the-art mini-digital camera and a small production budget, each team will produce a 20 to 30 minute film shot in clubs, bars, and restaurants designated by the competitionís sponsors. The winning film will receive a special VIP screening, and potentially air on the Independent Film Channel.

"We feel this competition will  show which city has the liveliest, most exciting nightlife, filled with the greatest clubs and the most interesting, diverse upscale people in the country.  That is Miami .. and we mean to show the whole country just that. We mean to win," Darnay declares. 

"We have assembled a large, multi-ethnic group of good-looking, talented young Miami actors and performers." Leposky explains. " They will weave eight separate stories of fun and good spirits simultaneously through the film in a most unusual manner. Their stories will unfold at the clubs in which we shoot, where everyone's adventure unexpectedly overlaps everyone else's adventure while Sauza Tequila holds it parties and the people of Miami enjoy the atmosphere of celebration that flows freely throughout our town."  

Although the film is being stage so it will appear to take place over one exciting and playful night inside the clubs in the city, shooting, actually will extend across almost three months, from mid-May to late July. 

Participating clubs include Bongos Cuban Cafť, Crobar, Iguana Cantina-Coconut Grove, Krave Nightclub, and Valentinoís in the Grove. Other locations in the film include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami, Chef Allenís Restaurant, the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA), the Fontainbleau Hilton Resort, Miami Jai Alai, The Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort, and  The Diplomat Resort and Spa.

The public is encouraged to track the progress of Miamiís Stay Pure team (and the others) by logging onto the and Web sites.

Leposky is an emerging filmmaker. Her first independent production, a short film entitled Esperanza, was an entry in the 2000 Collaboration Contest sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Incubator. She has served as a unit production manager or production assistant for films, TV commercials, corporate videos, and music videos in South Florida and Los Angeles, and for a foreign TV show shooting on-location footage in South Florida. She earned degrees in television and media production from Miami-Dade Community College and Florida State University.

Darnayís current emphasis is on creating  motion pictures, although he has worked in advertising for most of his professional life. In addition to having owned and operated a full-service advertising agency, he has directed and produced two short films, BarTicks and Citizen, both of which have won awards.


            The Stay Pure production team invites TV, radio, and print-media coverage of its on-location shooting in Miami-area clubs.  Tentative shooting dates include:

            Thursday, June 7
            Saturday, June 9
            Saturday, June 16
            Saturday, June 23
            Monday, July 2
            Saturday, July 14

            For location details and current schedule information Ė and to tell us when you plan to come so we can help you cover our activities Ė please contact Marjory E. Leposky at 305-285-1058, or send an e-mail

            For more information, and for online photographs of Marjory E. Leposky, please visit the Chatterbox Productions Web site at


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