Marriage dating age difference statistics 2year marriage dating age difference statistics 2year marriage dating age difference 1years

marriage dating age difference statistics united states

marriage dating age difference statistics 2year

But what i’m trying to say is, more people still think that a romantic relationship is ideal when it’s between an older man and a younger woman. specifically, four years and four months older, which was the average “ideal” age gap as reported by a survey of 2,000 adults. while slightly less than half of people said there was no ideal age gap (good call, sensible people), 33% of women wanted a guy up to seven years older than them, while only one out of a hundred women preferred a younger man.Most of the guys i’ve dated have been my age to just a couple of years older, but sadly for poor old me (literally), none of them have provided any financial stability so i don’t think i’d call that a motivation. i will say that while i don’t have a rule against dating younger guys, i probably wouldn’t consider it my ideal dating situation either. stupid society and its conditioning that men look handsome and distinguished as they age while women don't. i do like a silver fox though.Despite the unfortunate rise of the cougar phenomenon (not that dating younger men is unfortunate, just the use of the term cougar), it seems as a society, we’re still more into may-december relations when the guy is the december. or is it the may? i'm not sure i actually know what that expression is supposed to mean.Not that i have anything against dating older guys, but here’s some afternoon uggghhh: financial stability was one of the biggest reasons women cited for preferring older dudes, since 55% of women said they couldn’t afford rent or mortgages on their own. thanks, wage gap!

marriage dating age difference 1years

A recent study offers new insights about age preferences in potential partners

Even a five-year age difference makes a couple 18 percent more likely to get divorced, compared to a couple born on or around the same year.

How to answer the "age-old" question: Is it smart or stupid to take on a partner 20 years younger?

Age Differences at Marriage Ben Wilson and Steve Smallwood Office for National Statistics How does

Research from Emory University shows the bigger the age gap in a marriage ... the more likely that couple won't last. Now, at first that might sound like it makes sense. But according to

Current estimates suggest that 40-50% of recent marriages will end in separation, prior the death of either spouse.  these figures can be dramatically decreased by a number of different factors.  in other words, “if you are a reasonably well-educated person with a decent income, come from an intact family and are religious, and marry after the age of 25 without having a baby first, your chances of divorce are very low indeed.” (the state of our unions 2011, 69, 73).The percentage of married individuals, over the age of 18, who respond that their marriages are “very happy” has gradually declined over the last four decades, though the numbers have leveled out in the past 20 years.  the most recent studies show that 63.1% of men and 60.7% of women classify their marriages as such. (the state of our unions 2011, 66).The american divorce rate is nearly twice what it was in 1960, though it has declined somewhat since hitting an all-time high in 1980.  this decline suggests a higher rate of marital stability, due to both a higher age of first marriage as well as the reservation of marriage for the economically stable. (the state of our unions 2011, 67,69).People are getting married later in life.  the median age of those married for the first time is currently 28.3 for men and 25.8 for women (national health statistics report, 2012).  compare this to the numbers from 1960, when the median age was 23 for men and 20 for women (the state of our unions 1999, 10).

Data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 is used to examine marriage and divorce patterns and their relationship to educational attainment for young baby boomers from age 15 to 46.

Relationships in which there is a significant age difference are no less real or meaningful than any other, but they may present some unique challenges.

large age gaps and how to make a marriage work when one partner is much older or younger than the other...

Dear Mona, What is the average age difference among couples? My partner and I are 28 years apart, so I’m sure we’re an outlier, but by how much? And is it diffe…

Love may be blind, but crow’s feet may lead you all the way to divorce court. There are many early indications of what might cause a marriage to crumble before a couple walks down the aisle — and the age gap between partners is one of them. And according to data in a recent study of 3,000 people by Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon, professors in the Department of Economics at Emory University in Atlanta, it could be a considerable factor. Randal Olson, a fourth-year computer science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, crunched the raw data from Emory and found that a larger age gap is related to a higher divorce rate. A five-year age gap statistically means you’re 18 percent more likely to divorce (versus just 3 percent with a 1-year age difference), and that rate rises to 39 percent for a 10-year age difference and 95 percent for a 20-year age gap. Partners from different generations may have different cultural reference points and values, and polar opposite tastes in music and film, and even friends, and also have different approaches to their sex life, says Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills psychotherapist and panelist on “Sex Box,” a forthcoming We TV relationship therapy show. “Sex drive goes up for women in middle age, but sexual function decreases for men.” Other factors may play a role in a marriage’s longevity. Having your first child out of wedlock statistically means you’re 59 percent less likely to have a divorce than a couple with no children, but having a child during a marriage means you’re 76 percent less likely to split, Olson found. But that could also mean happier couples have more children. You’re 43 percent more likely to divorce if you have different levels of education than a couple with the same level. But celebrating a 10-year wedding anniversary bodes well: You’re 43 percent less likely to divorce if you stay together two years, but you’re 94 percent less likely to divorce if you reach 10 years. Not everyone buys these results, however. “Having children may postpone a divorce, but often it ends up bringing even more tension to a relationship and more to argue about, more costs, more demands on their time, which all lead to stress, which often leads to divorce,” says Randy Kessler, an Atlanta-based lawyer who wrote the book, “Divorce: Protect Yourself, Your Kids, and Your Future.” The high number of short marriages could be people remarrying and choosing the same type of partner. “It does not work for the same reasons the prior relationship did not work,” he adds. Others caution about confusing stability or longevity with happiness. Many marriages that appear stable to outside observers may just be an “empty shell” for couples who stay together for legal, religious, financial and/or child-rearing reasons, says Simon Rego, director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. “So while having children with your spouse may be a factor that decreases the chances of divorce, it may be that a couple with kids chooses to stay together for the sake of the kids, despite the marriage having nothing else to it,” he adds. Of course, the Emory University study provides possible indicators of divorce rather than actual reasons (correlation, not causation). “It could just be that the types of couples with those characteristics are the types of couples who are, on average, more likely to divorce for other reasons,” says Mialon. There are exceptions. British actress Joan Collins (81) married her theatrical producer husband, Percy Gibson, 32 years her junior, in 2000. Asked by reporters if she was worried about their age difference, she replied, “If he dies, he dies.”

These relationships have traditionally been looked at with suspicion, with clichés abounding. 'She’s only after his money.' 'He’s old enough to be her father.' 'Cradle snatcher.' 'Sugar daddy.' 'Toy boy.' to mention but a few, and it’s usually been that way, always the man older than the woman. This is no longer the case, with many couples now having an age gap where the woman is older than the man, and again these relationships are often viewed with suspicion.

They say age is just a number when it comes to love, and it’s more evident today that people don’t focus on age gaps in relationships as much as they used to. even those negative stigmas associated with an older man dating a younger girl, or an older woman and a younger man, have dissipated.But can a relationship where two people are 10 or 15 (or more) years apart really work out in the long-term, once the novelty has worn off? it’s not likely, according to a study out of emory university that finds the larger the age gap, the more likely a marriage will end in divorce.“friends and family may not take your relationship seriously, or even express that the relationship is just a passing folly,” says adler. furthermore, a may-december couple may be mistaken for parent and child, or onlookers might think the younger half of the pair is only looking for some type of financial gain.

A new study from emory university in atlanta shows just how important the age gap may be when it comes to making a relationship last. according to data from 3,000 people, a larger age gap means a higher divorce rate, and even a relatively small age gap can increase a couple's chance of divorce. a five-year age gap means you're 18 percent more likely to divorce than a couple that's the same age. that rate jumps to 39 percent for a 10-year age difference and a shocking 95 percent for a 20-year age gap.On the bright side, the longer you stay together, the less likely you are to divorce. stay together for just two years and you're already 43 percent less likely to split up. and you're 94 percent less likely to divorce if you make it to 10 years. so if you're trying to snag a sliver fox, just make sure he sticks around for at least two years and you're probably good.

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So just how common are large age differences between intimate partners? most people have heard stories of young, attractive women dating or marrying much older men.  perhaps the most prominent recent example, donald sterling, the billionaire ex-owner of the los angeles clippers, was forced to sell his team after tapes of his racist remarks were reportedly released by his much younger girlfriend v. stiviano.  although perhaps one of the more extreme recent cases of large age differences between romantic partners, sterling is not the only such case.  tom cruise and katie holmes were more than 20 years apart, as are donald trump and his wife melanie.  but are these celebrity couples really that different from the rest of the population?Stories of celebrities like donald trump and tom cruise marrying significantly younger women might lead some to believe that men (and occasionally women) with more income or social status may be more apt to marry someone substantially younger than they are.  the theory is that they trade wealth and social status for youth and beauty. after all, according to data from okcupid, an online dating giant, men’s age has almost no correlation with the age of women they find most attractive. men of all ages on their site are most attracted--at least physically--to women in their early 20’s.  but does this mean rich older men actually end up with younger women?The stereotype of the rich old man and the attractive young woman is actually relatively uncommon. it may be that the super rich are likely to marry substantially younger spouses (the acs doesn’t have the sample size to tell us much about those on the far upper end of the income distribution), but it doesn’t seem to happen very often with those who are moderately wealthy, and at least no more than for lower income couples.  instead, it would seem that most people like to match closely with their spouse on age regardless of income level.Here at the austin institute for the study of family and culture we think good data is very important.  too often on the subject of family we see news stories or editorials that end up being more heat than light because they aren’t properly contextualized. while emotion and personal experience are important in shaping the way that we talk about modern conceptions of the role of the family, without good data it’s difficult to understand how prevalent certain family models and behaviors are, and just how often they are successful at achieving a variety of aims.

there's a big difference between being it's a question of what the person is like inside—which is why

It’s an age-old question: What’s the perfect age gap for an ideal relationship?

trends and patterns of age difference among the why the husband age at marriage contributes more than

There are many early indications of what might cause a marriage to crumble before a couple walks down the aisle — and the age gap between partners is a significant one, a study shows.

The world is changing tremendously as we can see from the infiltration of orientalism into western men’s mind! when we began to learn about western culture, we were absorbed by its value in marriage. unlike chinese men, western men valued highly the true love and soul touch in a lifelong relation, did not care about the age! when chinese men are successful and earning more money, they are considering looking for much younger girls even at cost of destroying the families. this is one of the major reasons of rising divorce rate in china! to avoid more heart-break, some chinese women turn their eyes to western world and seek the right men on some dating sites. then they are very surprised to find how strong chinese culture is invading western culture. on chinese-western dating sites, more than 90% of western men are looking for chinese girls much younger than their own age!!! every real person on the sites says he or she hates lies and wishes the people they are talking to tell the truth about themselves. however, even some western men sincere in seeking wives lie about their own age so that they can be accepted by much younger women. this makes a good match especially difficult! some wise men wrote in their profiles “i would like to know what chinese women want in a marriage” . yes, a lasting and happy marriage relies on the feelings and thoughts of both sides. nowadays more and more western men are interested in chinese culture, but few have noticed the age difference in a marriage that chinese women are fond of. what age differences in a marriage do chinese women usually like and tolerate?  for most chinese women, their tolerable age difference is within 10 to 12 years, i.e. the men are less than 12 years older and less than 6 years younger in a marriage. their preferable age difference is within 5 to 8 years! this is deeply rooted in the bones of many chinese women. there are good chinese zodiac matches within 8 year age differences. in old china when marriages were arranged by parents, the age difference could be much bigger but the women were not happy with that. in the modern society, marriage are mostly based on love in the soul and heart, few women want to live up with that any longer. you may see a relation with a very large age difference, it is probably (not absolutely) a rich man- young girl or a very successful man-young girl combination in which the young girl gets a shortcut to a good life. are you a rich man or a very successful man? do you want that kind of life? there is a chinese saying, 3 years make a generation gap. the larger the gap, the fewer the opportunity they think and act the same way. most of the men on the sites say they are looking for soulmates. are they really doing so? they may say they can also find much younger soulmates. they will know what after knowing the real modern chinese culture for marriage. unlike westerners, most of chinese have their children at the age between 25 and 30 or even earlier. people usually consider those who are 15 years older as their uncles or parents’ generation. how many western men would like to marry women of their mothers’ generation if those women are not especially rich or successful? even though chinese women prefer western men of about the same age, the restriction of age searching of western men pushes them to accept the age gap they usually don’t like. chinese women even get puzzled, and even think it might be the general case nowadays in the whole western world. consequently, some women choose to accept the large age difference. they take the second choice and marry their western uncles at the stage they are curious about the western uncles and western world. what will happen in the long run after the chinese women taking their second choice? what if the chinese women get into the western world and find out the situation is totally different in the real western world from the chinese-western dating sites? i have the idea of giving this thread after knowing some real stories online. i don’t think anyone here likes to have such experiences. i met some western men on chinese dating sites who are absorbed by chinese culture and chinese women. they had their chinese wives for the second marriage. sadly their chinese wives left them in 4-7 years. their hearts were broken and told me their second wives lied and left them for rich men. i was so sorry for them and sympathetic to them. i can’t deny there might be some materialistic people among those chinese women. after talking further with them, i found a common trait in them, i.e. their ex chinese wives were much younger than them!!! lies? or generation gap stands out after the fresh period of marriage? maybe their chinese wives did not tell them the true reason of their leaving for avoiding hurting them further? they will never reach the truth of departure unless they realize it by themselves. why are western men seeking chinese women as their wives? chinese women are usually humble, loyal, diligent and family-oriented. another reason should be that chinese women look younger for their age than westerners. just imagine a 55 year-old western man happily get a 35 year-old chinese woman as his wife. about 5 years later when she is 40 and he is 60, she will find her husband looks much older than her own father, and thinks and acts far different from her generation! they are no longer soulmates! they can hardly reach in agreement and may have less and less communication. the consequence is obvious!!! of course, there are some women whose feelings grow stronger with each passing day together. they are angels from heaven. the point is whether how many men are good enough to deserve such angles! i got to know that a very ordinary chinese woman with neither good appearance nor knowledge found her happiness online quickly because she was very smart to change her age to be 10 years younger. she found her western husband of about the same age and they are happily together. actually western men can never recognize the real age of the chinese women who take good care of themselves. these women can also lie and say they are 10 years younger than their real age. is it what you western men expecting? well, i don’t mean to offend anyone here. my intension is to arouse the attention of those western men who want to start a lifelong marriage from here to consider the need of chinese women. a marriage satisfying the needs of both sides will last forever. please remember -actions speak louder than words! any opinion or objection is well accepted!@anonymous1003 this has to be one of the best articles i have read here lately. i think you have created an opportunity here to blow everything wide-open with respect to this subject there are going to be many, many, responses to this and i am already looking forward to reading them you touched on several important points that show the difference between western and asian culture when it comes to age differences between 2 people i recently wrote a blog entitles ‘is she too young for me’ and the whole point was to outline the results of a study by harvard university in the usa to quickly re-cap (in case you did not read it), they said that in order to have the best chance of success in a relationship when one partner is older than the other, then there is a simple formula which is half of the older persons age, plus 7 years the study (over 10 years) showed that if this formula was used, then couples were still together at the end of the study (ie, 10 years later) people who’s age did not fit into this formula had either separated or divorced before the end of the 10-year study however, this formula is not without certain ‘issues’ that are open for discussion for example, a 30-year old man could choose a younger lady and using this formula means she would be 22 (half his age = 15 + 7 = 22) – so she would only be 8 years younger than her husband but if we double that 30-year old man’s age to 60, then half = 30 + 7 means his wife would be 37 years old and 23 years younger than him that is a huge age gap. 8 years is ok, but do you consider a 23-year age gap to be ‘acceptable’ ? you are correct when you say that her husband could be the same age (or older) than her own father yet this does seem to be ‘acceptable’ in some asian countries it is certainly not ‘normal’ in any western country that i have visited peer pressure alone would make sure of that ! so….. why ??? if you have ever been to thailand (phuket in particular) ? if so, you would undoubtedly have noticed many, many old western men (60’s/70’s) walking hand-in-hand with a thai lady who is young enough to be his daughter (or in some cases – grand-daughter!) in my own opinion and experience (and i could be wrong here), there are two main reasons for this 1) the man knows he can ‘pick-up’ a young girl because she knows he will look after her 2) the girl will ‘accept’ the much older man for the same reason but if than much older man decided to marry that young girl and take her back to his home country, society would not accept their relationship he would be called a “paedophile” (amongst other names) and would be ridiculed for not being able to get a girl his own age likewise, the young girl would be ridiculed for accepting a man old enough to be her grandfather in short, their life together would be miserable and not happy but….. he could easily live together with her in thailand, because society will (in general), accept them although china’s society is slowly changing, i believe it is still quite difficult for a young divorced woman, with a child, to find a second husband who would accept that child as his own – but a western woman of the same age and circumstances could easily find a new husband, close to her own age, who would accept her and her child so chinese divorcees (with a child) often turn to an older western man firstly she knows he is likely to be divorced and already have raised his own kids – she values his experience in this secondly, she knows that he will easily and willingly accept her and her child as a ‘package’ and will accept the child as his own in her mind, an older man has experience, is (perhaps) more capable of taking care of her and her child, can provide a stable and loving home and give her the security that she needs in return, he has the ‘pleasure’ of a much younger wife (something he is unlikely to get if he seeks a young western woman) – so i guess everyone is ‘happy’ she may or may not know what would await her if she is 20 years his junior and he moves her to his western home – but she certainly knows that if he lives with her in china, there is a greater chance of acceptance by society as a whole as i said earlier, there are many reasons (and many future discussions) as to why this phenomenon happens in asian countries and i am indeed looking forward to other people’s remarks thanks again for a wonderful article.@anonymous11045 thank you for your good wishes. i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! @all clm members and staff –i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! @anonymous1003 a great article . thank you. this is a hard topic to research but there is a definite trend in the west over the last century to a narrowing of the age gap between men and women when they marry. in australia 2006 the average age gap is 2.6 years. in u.s.a. the age gap in 2010 is 2.3 years. the most frequently used explanation for this trend is that it reflects improvements in educational and economic conditions for women. online dating is a field that has still not been well researched but i suspect all online dating sites (unless they are cougar dating sites) would show men seeking women much greater than 3 years younger. i think it is just part of the online dating territory. my message to women here is to state clearly what you want. if age was the only thing you could mention in the ideal partner section of your profile and you could only state a particular age rather than an age range, what would that age be? i think it would be sobering for most men to realize that a 30 to 45 age range could mean that 32 was the ideal age of the partner rather than 37 or38. the reality is you have men of ages 46,47,48,49 thinking i haven't missed the age range by much, i will try contacting her.While i am enjoying the thread and posts, i have a few disagreements. i don't think an older man seeking a female much younger than himself belongs to chinese culture. on chinese dating sites such as shijijiayuan , you can find the majority of male members are looking for female partners of their similar age, with only some with good business or high position looking for those much younger than themselves, but on chinese-western dating sites, more than 90% of western men are looking for chinese girls much younger than their own age. what's more, when you look around our neighbours or our residential community, you will find in some couples men are older than women, in others women are older than men, but most couples have very little age difference, say within 6 years. therefore, that is not chinese culture at all. every woman would like to find a partner with physical attaction to her; if she has to choose a much older man due to her poor ecomonic condition or child reason, she would feel miserable by herself, not peer pressure thing. last time one american man on this site contacted me and wrote me a mail introducing himself to me: "i like older woman, because young girls are changeable" but in fact he is 8 years older than me, why does he speak me as older woman? are foreigner men so arrogant? is this westner customs? i deleted him.

This must be a d.c. thing. i went to american university and i too always liked older guys, reason being i had issues and so do you. of course they want you for sex, you're 22. no one told me that so take my advice, find your own stability and enjoy making your way to the top of capitol hill.Now that i am often the older man, as friend and lover, i hope to nurture my young friends, to share my experience and what wisdom these 60-plus years may have given me. sometimes i introduce them to practical pleasures and ways of conducting a life. they bring me so much in return.My kids make faces and say, "that's so gross!" when i tell them that i was in college when my husband, their step-dad, was in middle school. we get a good laugh out of that! the reality is that i am only five years (almost to the day) older than he is.A man who came to me for help with his sex life complained that even viagra didn't help. he was in his mid-40s, an executive at an ad agency, divorced...

These tables are based on figures supplied by the united states census bureau, u.s. department of commerce and are subject to revision by the census bureau.

People in marriages with a big age gap are on average less educated, less attractive and less wealthy than similarly-aged couples.

For the sake of this article, we'll define an age difference as five years or more.

When I met my husband, I was 29 and he was 43. But it didn’t really feel that way at the time, and in the years we’ve been married, it’s felt like we’ve gotten

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providing more current statistics and by placing race differences of difference is the distrust in

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Research on age difference in couples suggests that for dating the gap is around 13-14 years, but real relationship partners only have 3-4 years disparity.

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I know a number of recently divorced middle aged men (age 40-60) who will not consider a woman their age. Most want a woman at least 10 years younger.

AGE GAP – Should It Matter? • UNDERSTANDING AGE GAP RELATIONSHIPS The Bible doesn’t prohibit marriage

Age Differences in Marriage calls for some adjustments but can be successful if the couple really love each other and are willing to compromise.

Why do men seem to desire younger women more than women desire younger men? Do significant age differences between men and women really matter? If so, how much?

I mean all i know about this stuff i learned from the modern man lol. it seems these girls met these guys when they were kids. the guys were bad boys except my girls ex (god knows how he lucked into getting her. and she’d ditched him for a bad boy mid way through thier relationship before taking him back after her toxic dalliance with an older bad boy). yet these bad boys (and my girlfriend’s ex nice boy) were boys. these guys spent their free time playing video games. they spent their money on toys and tennis shoes. the two bad boys never held jobs. my exs nice boy had a job but handed over his check dutifully and she paid the bills. i was shocked to find out that until i had sex with her and she cut her ex off completely he still gave her money to pay his bills because he didn’t know how or where the money was supposed to go lol.Two of these girls including my gf have children the third is pregnant. all three off these girls would say the same things. that their boys made them feel like they were their man’s mother and they longed for a “real man”. all three of these women are certified thoroughbred dime pieces. that is to say gorgeous, gorgeous women. like i said i don’t look forty and i used to not tell women my real age because even though i didn’t look it i thought it might matter. but to these particular young extremely hot girls, being older was a bit of an advantage. they seemed to be open to an older man, hoping he was a man. remembering the proper dynamic of always being a man clinched it. i learned that from better than a bad boy. i mean just being older wasnt enough by a long shot. one had to be masculine so they could be the feminine women they naturally wanted to be.Dan this article sort of freaked me out. see i’m 40 but everyone in my family looks younger than their age. i mean most folks would guess i’m 30. my current girlfriend is 23. three of the women i used the flow on who really responded from the very first interaction ended up being 23 and in or at the end of long term relationships with thier childhood/ high school sweetheart. the first girl was married. the second was living with her boyfriend. so i didn’t escalate things. i didn’t take things beyond connecting with them. and these two were really open. my girlfriend was stringing her ex along. still doing couple things and sleeping with him occasionally but as soon as i turned up and used he flow. he was finished. i didn’t know she was even partially attached until we started having sex. but the whole thing had me curious.It seemed that these girls knew at a glance that i was older and maybe a little more open to my advances even before i went thought the steps of the flow with them. when i did use the flow they didn’t care how old i was. i used to worry that the age difference might be a problem with my current relationship. i mean i am 17 years older than my girlfriend. but i got better than a bad boy and have been slogging through the videos and am now confident that my relationship will last as long as i want it to. most people just don know this stuff. its exciting to know when i wake up i could have my choice of very hot women twenty years younger than me. all i have to do is walk up to one and start talking basically. thanks again dan.

Statistics about second marriages, divorce, cohabitation and more.

Marriage is more beneficial for men than for women the greater the age difference from the husband,

This posting explores statistics about marriage rates, median age at first marriage and attitudes about marriage. Although the marriage rate is at a record low,

There are many factors related to background, upbringing, or circumstances that tend to be in a couple's favor for having a successful marriage. many couples will not have all of these factors in their favor and will still have successful marriages. some with the odds in their favor will fail, nevertheless. part of the difference lies in the extent to which couples take care of their marriage. every marriage needs thought and effort to improve.

BIBLE VERSES ABOUT AGE DIFFERENCES IN MARRIAGE. Age Differences In Marriage Bible verses in the King James Version (KJV) about Age Differences In Marriage.

What does the Bible say about age differences in relationships? What is an appropriate age difference for a couple?