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Technical writing for trade journals and professional publications: Writing articles for trade publications in various fields, including architectural design, electrical contracting, industrial cleaning, medicine and health care, sanitary waste disposal, and water supply and distribution. 

Travel and hospitality: Writing for travel guidebooks, restaurant reviews, hospitality and vacation-ownership industry trade journals, consumer-oriented travel magazines, and newspaper travel sections. Writing restaurant reviews and other food-and-beverage news in Miami and South Florida for Examiner.com (an online news service) since October 2008.

Food and cooking: Writing about food, with an emphasis on its cultural and historical aspects.

General research: Literature searches, interviewing, supervision of interviewers, location of individuals for research studies. Involvement embraces such fields as business (especially real-estate development, hospitality, and tourism), architecture, history, health care, and horticulture.

House and home: Writing about all aspects of where we live, from the property line to the decorative arts.

Web-site design and maintenance: Creation of World Wide Web sites in Microsoft FrontPage 2003, and on-going management of Web sites as a Webmistress.


B.S.  (1965) in Education with major in Education and History, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

M.A. (1971) in Urban Affairs, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Professional Certificate in Secondary Learning Disabilities (1985), Florida International University, Miami, Florida.


Managing Partner, Webmistress, and co-owner of Ampersand Communications, a newsfeatures syndicate specializing in book reviews, business, the environment, food, home improvements and maintenance, medicine and health, pets, senior lifestyles, and travel (1980-present).

Substitute teacher in Dade County, Florida, public schools. Certified for secondary social studies (1982-1992).

Teacher in natural foods cooking program at Environmental Demonstration Center, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Florida. Participation in program also included writing a quarterly newsletter column (1981-83).

Research Assistant in Psychiatry Department, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (1967-72).

Management Aide, St. Louis Housing Authority, St. Louis, Missouri (1966-67).


American Resort Properties, Inc., for compilation of detailed economic data (1990-91).

Quality International, Inc., for writing an eight-page advertorial published in Lodging (November, 1988).

The Smith, Korach, Hayet, Haynie Partnership, for compilation of historical data in architecture and planning (1985-1990).

Rodale Press, Inc., for research to develop a  videotex information system database (1983).

Belden Associates, Inc., of Dallas, Texas, for market -research interviews  in seven southwest Florida counties (1973-75).


Meeting planner as a member of the professional-development committee for International Association of Business Communicators, South Florida Chapter (1988). Led a committee that organized a daylong conference, "Hands Across The World: International and Multicultural Communications In Our Global Village."

Professional volunteer assisting the Dade County, Florida, Cooperative Extension Service with nutrition-research projects (1980-90). From 1983 on, appointed to membership on the agency's Nutrition and Health, Utilization and Promotion of Florida Fruits and Vegetables Advisory Committee.

"People Power" chairperson for South Dade Food Cooperative. Responsible for helping members select co-op work assignments (1979-82).


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Marjory Stoneman Douglas - Bibliography  - http://www6.miami.edu/english/msdouglas

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